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“Advancing in Athletics and Academics”

The mission of the NextGen AAA Foundation is to provide mentoring, education, and hockey programs to diverse, low-income, and at-risk youth throughout North America. NextGen AAA Foundation seeks to promote character development and personal growth both “on and off the ice,” and to increase athletic participation for an underserved and diverse universe of players, while most importantly, highlighting the importance of academic excellence to these young athletes so that they will be well equipped to live more productive lives.

The organization’s education program offers tutoring, mentoring, and character education, as well as a variety of educational services to help students thrive in school while providing guidance on admission and financial aid for high school and college. The organization’s hockey program offers talented and high performing students with free or subsidized hockey instruction, equipment and practice to advance their skill levels, allowing them to participate in tournament play around the nation, while developing their sense of pride and discipline.

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