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The Academic Corner - Sept 2018

Knowledge is power, knowledge is freedom and knowledge is the universal key that can open all doors!

Greetings NextGEN student-athletes, parents and friends! It was such a pleasure to meet some of you at the Ice Vault on 8/17/18! I was so impressed with the enthusiasm and positive energy that electrified the room and I so look forward to working with you during Academic year 2018-2019!

I have been in the teaching profession for over thirty years and I cannot stress enough the importance of getting a good education! As your Academic Coach, I want to guide each of you towards achieving your full academic potential! My goal, as your coach is simple: I want to empower each of you to feel as excited about achieving excellence with your studies as you do when you score a goal. I want that same determination, dedication, effort, leadership and teamwork that you put forth on the ice to shine through in your studies. Naturally, I cannot do this without your help! You must take ownership and responsibility for your learning. You must think carefully about your learning style and identify where you may need some help. Together, we will set meaningful educational goals and personalize/ identify the skills, strategies, tools and behaviors that each of you need to achieve them. Communication is key, so please email anytime should you have questions, concerns, require assistance or even if you just need a friend. Remember, I am your biggest fan and I am here to help you achieve success in the academic arena!

Just a reminder to parents: please complete the form that authorizes me to connect with your child’s guidance counselor and/or teachers should the need arise. Additionally, please provide me with details of the school’s online system and a password for me to monitor academic progress.

- Loretta Morante-Rhodes - 



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